Ludington Daily News- Dec 9, 1947 pg 11

[British] Lock Arabs, Jews in Walled City


Fighting Rages

Toll in Strike is Set at 146

Jerusalem --(AP) --British troops blocked the gates of Jerusalem's old walled city just before noon today as firing in its ancient maze of streets reached proportions which indicated a battle of sizable proportions had broken out between Arab and Jewish inhabitants.

Closing of the gates barred further exodus by both Jews and Arabs, who had been frantically moving out their possessions in army trucks throughout the morning.

Several hundred families already have fled the walled area, which i normal times has a population of about 20,000 Arabs, 2,500 Jews and 4,000 others of mixed nationality -- mostly Armenians and Greeks.

A business man from the new city, who left the walled region a few minutes before the gates were closed, said the and seen dead and wounded lying in the streets.

The battle apparently broke out when Arabs occupied a synagogue and hoisted their flag over the building. They later were driven out--by the Jews. One Arab was reported killed and two Jews wounded in this engagement.

Arab sources said two more Arabs were killed in an attack on the wall surrounding the ghetto-like Jewish quarters.

These killings, together with others reported from different sections, increased to 146 the number of fatalities in Palestine during the 12 days of communal strife resulting from the United Nations decision to partition the Holy Land.