The Palm Beach Post - Jan 7, 1948 pag 15

Jews Hurl Two Bombs Into Arab Crowds

Blasts Kill 15 Arabs, 3 Jews at Ancient Jerusalem Gate

Jerusalem (AP)

Jews disguised in blue caps of the Palestine police and driving a stolen armored car hurled two bombs Wednesday into Arab crowds at ancient Jaffa gate and a nearby street intersection. Eighteen persons were killed.

Fourteen Arabs died at the gate and three Jews and one Arab were killed at the street intersection.

Two of the Jewish bombers were slain by British police bullets as they sought to escape over the stone wall of an old Moslem cemetery after the second bomb explosion.

The bomb attacks and other violence brought to 622 the number of deaths since the Nov. 29 decision by the United Nations to partition Palestine.

It was the third time in four weeks that the Jews have bombed the Arab-guarded gates of the old walled city in Jerusalem, where 1,500 orthodox Jews, cut off from the rest of their kinsmen, have been waging snipers' duels with Arab riflemen. British armored cars were used in getting food to the beleaguered Jews Tuesday.

In a statement last night Irugn Zvai Leumi, Jewish extremist underground organization, said the bomb was hurled at the Jaffa gate in an effort to smash the guard and get additional supplies to the Jews.

The two previous attacks occurred at Damascus gate, one of the northern entrances to the walled city. Jaffa gate is on the west.

Two British policemen were wounded by machine gun fire from the armored car as the Jews raced through the crowded Arab quarter to the corner of Mamilla and Julian Way, about a fourth-mile west of Jaffa gate, in their attempt to escape.

An official announcement said that in addition to the Arabs and Jews killed 42 other persons were injured from the bombs and gunfire. One of the Arab dead was a policeman who had been decorated by the British with a medal last week for 28 years service.

A police announcement said the crudely-made armored car used in the bombing was stolen from a Jewish settlement police garage by "10 armed Jews."

In addition to the Jews killed three others were taken into custody, two of them suffering from wounds, police said.

The roar of the double explosion and the rising column of smoke from the gate zone touched off a half hour of sporadic firing between the old city and the modern city, from Montefiore ghetto district to the approaches to Zion Square.

Alarmed by the firing and fearing a general Arab attack, Jews hastily barricaded the streets leading to Zion Square with solid rows of parked trucks and automobiles.

The attack occurred as thousands of Christian Arabs celebrated their Christmas under the Julian calender.