Milwaukee Journal -April 10, 1948

Arabs Storm Kastel Anew: Seek Strategic Point

Jerusalem, Palestine (UP) Heavy firing was heard Saturday from the direction of Kastel, six miles west of Jerusalem, as Arab forces stormed the strategic hill village in an attempt to recapture it from the Jews for the second time this week.

Kastel, which has changed hands three times within the week, was reported half destroyed by the furious fighting, with only 20 of its 40 houses still standing. Both Arab and Jewish hospitals were reported crowded with wounded from the fighting.

An Irgun Zvai Leumi (Jewish extremist) spokesman said here Friday night that 200 Arabs, half of them women and children , were killed in the Jewish capture Friday of Der Yassin, a village four miles southeast of Kastel.

The food situation in Jerusalem remained serious, although small quantities of food were reported starting to arrive by rail from Haifa.