The Canadian Jewish Chronicle May 14, 1948

Jewish Twenty Mile Defense Line Ready to Stop Arab Legion

May 16 Set as Invasion Deadline -- Jewish Forces Seize Ten Villages on Northeastern Frontier -- Jews Warn Abdullah on Invasion of any Part of Palestine -- Arab Legion Seizes Allenby Bridge

Jerusalem, May 10 (Palcor) -- A Jewish twenty mile defense line along the Syrian-Lebanese and Transjordan frontier has been completed by the Jews in anticipation of invasion moves by Arab states' armies when the British mandate ends May 15, Haganah radio in Galilee announced. Ten Arab villages along the northeastern frontier were occupied by Jews in blitz action on Friday and Saturday, to ensure their defense line, Haganah revealed.

Syrian and Lebanese forces that crossed the border in two columns in an effort to intercept Haganah's commandos on their way back to their bases, were mowed down by Haganah machine guns and retreated in panic towards the frontier. Haganah's commandos chased them in a relentless counter-attack. Fifty-three bodies of Syrians and Lebanese were found in the vicinity where the battle took place. Many more casualties are believed to have been carried off by the fleeing forces.

Haganah's Tel Aviv radio reported action on a wide front in the Coastal Plain, Judea and Samaria.

Haganah's announcement of the completion of a twenty-mile Jewish anti-invasion line followed an announcement on Saturday by King Abdullah of Transjordan over the Arab radio in Nablus that he 'can hardly wait" for May 15 when the British mandate will terminate. "I will invade Palestine immediately after May 15, " he announced. "Remember I am not a member of the United Nations, and although the Arab League may accept a cease fire order in Jerusalem, I won't, I cannot wait one single minute more.

Jews Bar Abdullah From all Palestine

In reply to a question at a press conference, a Jewish Agency spokesman stated that "any incursion into Palestine, the Arab or the Jewish area, by Abdullah's forces would be regarded as a hostile act." "The desert king's statement that he is not a member fo the United Nations is mere talk since the Anglo Trans-jordan Treaty provides that he must not act against the U.N., and that the Arab Legion should not become involved in a conflict that is contrary to U.N. decisions," the Jewish Agency spokesman said.

The Arab states, disunited by suspicions and jealousies, are interested in a truce that would keep the British in Palestine, extricate the regular armies from a show-down with the Jewish forces, and preclude Abdullah's annexation of the Arab area of Palestine, Dana Adams Schmit, N.Y. Times correspondent, cables from Jerusalem. To Abdullah, however, it is a chance in a lifetime.

Nonetheless, - What Transjordan and Iraq eventually do depends less on them and the Arab League than on Britain; Britain created these states after the first World War; she entirely equipped and fully subsidizes the Arab Legion and , as someone remarked in the House of Commons the other day, it is scarcely imaginable that this does not carry with it control and responsibility.

Abdullah Forces Seize Strategic Allenby Bridge

A source that has not yet failed Palcor, reports that soon after British police withdrew from the Palestine approaches to the Allenby Bridge accross the Jordan, Arab Legionnaires crossed the bridge and took up positions on the Palestine side, Allenby Bridge fording the Jordan at a point near where the Sons of Israel entered Palestine for the first time, is five miles from Jericho in Palestine where Abdullah plans to set up his military headquarters if he invades the country.